Theme and

Theme: Innovative Waqf Solutions for Just and Equitable Future


01.Waqf Governance and Regulation: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability

02.Digital Transformation in Waqf Management: Opportunities and Challenges

03.Waqf and Economic Development: Stimulating Growth and Entrepreneurship

04.Waqf for Social Welfare: Addressing Poverty, Education, and Healthcare

05.Innovative Waqf Models: Exploring New Approaches and Best Practices

06.Waqf and Sustainable Development Goals: Aligning Islamic Philanthropy

07.Waqf and Financial Inclusion: Empowering Marginalized Communities

08.Waqf and Technology: Leveraging AI, Blockchain, and Fintech

09.Cross-Border Collaboration in Waqf: Sharing Experiences and Lessons Learned

10.Waqf and Cultural Preservation: Reviving Heritage and Art

11.Islamic Economics Theme